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Posted in February 6, 2023

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Do you have an opportunity for revenue growth for your business? Are you unsure of how to use it on Linkedin? When it comes to marketing, internet is abuzz with information overload. It can be frustrating and overwhelming to consume such raw data and that’s what we aim to decode here. Therefore, stay tuned to discover the easiest ways in which you can grow your business with Linkedin ads.

With hundreds of millions on Linkedin, it is a sprawling global community. This is what makes it an excellent platform to ensure the growth of your business. With more linkedin connections comes the opportunity to earn more profits. But beware, the competition on linkedin is now tougher than ever. With thousands of brands advertising on the platform, you need a strategy that makes you stand out of the crowd.


STEP 1: Creating a linkedin company page

Creating a linkedin company page is free of cost. Once you have created the company page, give it a professional look and ensure that the content about the company helps you get discovered in searches.

STEP 2: Staying ahead of your competitors

First thing is to ensure that you find the right networking opportunities. Using the location filter on linkedin is the way to go about it. Keep a constant tab of the people who viewed your profile. In fact, you can also customise your connections and create tags so that if there is a specific ad that you want broadcasted to the category ‘influencers’ you only have to click on the list.

Why just connect with people when you can hit the follow button and follow companies on linkedin.

STEP 3: Testing before posting ads

It is extremely important that you test everything before you post. When it comes to ads, the 4 key components are headlines, creatives, calls to action and visuals. Hence, you must run multiple variations of these to be safe.

STEP 4: Creating ads with wow visuals

One of the most important things is to create linkedin ads that are visually appealing. The usage of right images can drastically increase the click through rate. This coupled with a fantastic headline and boom your linkedin ad is ready to take off the ground.

STEP 5: Bidding above the average range

If you want your linkedin ads to be more effective and yield a higher return on investment then you must bid above the average range. But what’s key here is to keep testing until you know what works best for you.

STEP 6: Keep long ad copies at bay

The most vital thing to consider while posting a linkedin ad is to be concise in your ad copy. No one has the time to read long paragraphs and sentences. Ideally keeping the ad copies to 150 characters or less works the best.

STEP 7: Use sponsored Inmail to target users that are high value

You cant send a message to everyone you follow on liked. When it comes to decision makers and the biggies of the industry, it is important to communicate with them through Inmail.

STEP 8: Discover and identify your targeted audience

In order to stay relevant and post linkedin ads, you need a sizeable demographic. Even if it isn’t as huge as you’d want it to be, the numbers should be enough for you to continue doing what you are doing. Most of the successful linkedin campaigns have their audience range somewhere between 60k and 400k.

And that’s it.

If you have your fundamentals clear when you advertise on linkedin, it will only make your business grow. Thus, if your business or brand is struggling or its growth is stunted, go through the above enlisted steps and take some time to identify the faultiness and correct them.

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