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Appliance Company – Success Story

Appliance Company - Success Story


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Transform Browsing Into Buying: Case Study On Lead Generation for a Prominent Appliance Company

In today's fast-paced consumer electronics market, a top company known for innovative smart home devices faced a challenge. Despite their market leadership and reputation for quality, they struggled to build a strong digital presence. Their online marketing and lead generation efforts weren't hitting the mark in the ever-changing digital world.

Enter AD360, with its illustrious history of revitalizing and steering digital campaigns towards unprecedented success. Our expertise in navigating the complexities of social media presented a beacon of light for this electronics titan in its quest to dominate the digital domain. This case study is a detailed chronicle of our collaborative journey, a testament to strategic innovation and digital prowess in reshaping the online footprint of a consumer electronics leader.

About The Client

Our esteemed client, founded in 2009, has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of cutting-edge consumer products, offering a diverse array of solutions that span from advanced water purification systems to state-of-the-art healthcare technologies. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, they have carved a niche in the industry, catering to an extensive range of customers across both residential and commercial sectors.

With a foundation built on excellence and a forward-thinking mindset, the company has continuously evolved, keeping pace with the latest technological advancements to meet and exceed customer expectations. Their product portfolio, renowned for its blend of sophistication and functionality, addresses a multitude of needs, ensuring wellness, convenience, and efficiency.

Most Prominent Challenges Faced

In navigating the intricate landscape of social media world, our client encountered several formidable challenges that hindered their online growth and visibility. These challenges were multifaceted, encompassing both technical and strategic aspects of digital marketing.

  • Digital Visibility and Brand Recognition

    One of the most pressing challenges was establishing a strong digital presence in an already crowded social media space.

  • Effective Lead Generation

    Another significant hurdle was optimizing their online advertising strategies for effective lead generation. The existing social media campaigns were not yielding the expected volume or quality of leads.

  • Adapting to Market Trends

    Keeping up with the rapidly changing digital marketing trends and consumer behaviors presented another challenge.

  • Integration of Advanced Technologies

    The client sought to leverage data-driven strategies but faced obstacles in integrating these sophisticated tools effectively into their marketing approach.

  • Customer Engagement and Retention

    The client needed to foster a strong online community and enhance customer loyalty through consistent and meaningful engagement.

Our Innovative & Customized Solution

In response to the multifaceted challenges faced by our client, we crafted a unique and innovative solution tailored to their specific needs and market dynamics.

  • Targeted Digital Marketing Campaigns

    We initiated a series of highly targeted social media marketing campaigns. These were meticulously designed to resonate with the client’s diverse audience segments, ensuring that each campaign was relevant, engaging, and aligned with the unique attributes of each product line.

  • Data-Driven Lead Generation Strategies

    Utilizing advanced analytics and data-driven insights, we refined the lead generation process. This involved identifying and targeting the most promising customer demographics, creating personalized marketing messages, and employing A/B testing to continually improve campaign effectiveness.

  • Continuous Performance Monitoring and Optimization

    Our approach included continuous monitoring and optimization of all campaigns. Regular performance reviews and data analysis allowed us to make real-time adjustments, ensuring that each aspect of the campaign remained aligned with evolving market trends and customer preferences.

A Great Outcome

The social media marketing campaign achieved impressive results across different product lines, as demonstrated by these metrics:

Water Heater Lead Generation (10 Aug to 15 Aug - 5 Days):

Leads Generated


This shows the campaign’s effectiveness in targeting and appealing to the relevant customer base for water heaters.

Daily Budget


The strategic allocation of this budget allowed for optimal ad exposure without overspending.



This cost efficiency reflects the campaign's effectiveness in generating leads at a reasonable expense.

Total Spent


This total expenditure demonstrates the rational use of resources to achieve significant lead generation.

Voltage Stabilizer Lead Generation (22 Aug to 25 Aug - 3 Days):




A significant increase in leads, highlighting the campaign's ability to capture the interest of potential buyers for voltage stabilisers effectively.

Daily Budget


This increased budget allocation signifies a more aggressive marketing approach tailored to the product’s market potential.



Demonstrates exceptional cost efficiency, with a lower cost per lead, indicating a highly successful campaign.

Total Spent


Reflects the strategic investment to achieve a high volume of quality leads.

Ozonizer Lead Generation (28 Aug to 31 Aug - 4 Days):



The campaign successfully generated a substantial number of leads, emphasising its effectiveness in reaching the relevant demographic for ozonisers.

Daily Budget


Consistent with the voltage stabiliser campaign, this budget underlines the commitment to capturing a significant market share.



While slightly higher, this CPR still indicates effective lead generation within the allocated budget.

Total Spent


The expenditure underscores the focused investment in reaching the targeted customer base.

In just a short span, these improvements were drastic. The Pmax Shopping Campaign saw many products added to carts, checkouts initiated, and purchases made, resulting in an exceptional return on ad spend. Similarly, the Responsive Search Campaign also showcased considerable progress in driving purchases while maintaining a commendable return on investment.

This success illustrates not only the efficient utilization of resources but also a focused and adaptable approach that was finely tuned to each product's unique market demands. The results, evident in the significant lead numbers and optimized cost per result, reflect a deep understanding of social media marketing dynamics and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.


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