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ATV Accessories- Success Story

ATV Accessories- Success Story

(Oct 1, 2022 - Apr 30, 2023)

AD360's Transformational PPC Campaign Management Services for a Prominent ATV Spare Parts Manufacturer.


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AD360’s Transformational PPC Campaign Management Services for a Prominent ATV Spare Parts Manufacturer

In the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of manufacturing, one of the industry's foremost leaders recognized the critical importance of a robust online presence. With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to excellence, our influential client stood at the forefront of ATV and UTV Accessory manufacturers. Yet, in the digital arena, the company faced a pressing challenge: its online advertising strategies were struggling to keep pace with the rapidly shifting landscape.

AD360's expertise and proven track record in transforming underperforming campaigns became the beacon of hope for this manufacturing giant seeking to reclaim its digital prominence. We’ve recounted our entire journey in this comprehensive case study.

About The Client

As a distinguished figure in the manufacturing industry, this client boasts a rich history spanning several decades, all the way to 1999. Their legacy is defined by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a strong foothold in the ATV and UTV accessory domains. With a reputation for durability and affordability, they actively sponsor and participate in premier racing events, solidifying their position as an industry frontrunner.

Fueled by an unrelenting commitment to quality, this client has carved a niche revered for the reliability and affordability of their offerings. Their products stand as a testament to durability, earning the trust of consumers and professionals alike within the ATV and UTV community. Not content with merely crafting exceptional merchandise, this industry stalwart actively immerses itself in the pulse of the racing world.

Most Prominent Challenges Faced

Despite standing tall as an esteemed figure in their industry, this client faced a set of challenges emblematic of competitive and rapidly evolving sectors. The online realm, particularly within the domain of Google Ads, presented a formidable battlefield defined by cutthroat competition and aggressive maneuvers by well-funded rivals. Amidst this digital arena where every click and impression mattered, the clients found themselves grappling with a strategic conundrum.
While their reputation in manufacturing remained unquestioned, their digital foothold faced unprecedented hurdles. Previous partnerships with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) agencies, intended to

promote their online presence, could have done better in delivering the desired outcomes. These collaborative efforts struggled to strike the delicate equilibrium between ad expenditure and the subsequent return on investment.

Our Innovative & Customized Solution

AD360 undertook an immersive and holistic strategy to breathe new life into the client's online advertising initiatives. The initial step encompassed a meticulous reengineering of the Google Ads account infrastructure, aiming to extract maximum efficacy and performance. This transformative phase commenced with an exhaustive examination of the competitive landscape, identifying and distilling high-performing search terms that resonated within the dynamic market.

Leveraging the insights gleaned from this rigorous analysis, AD360 engineered a sophisticated and finely calibrated Pmax Shopping Campaign. This bespoke campaign structure was meticulously crafted, incorporating multiple asset groups strategically designed to streamline and optimize bid management. By dissecting the product offerings into distinct categories, this approach ensured precision in targeting and enhanced the efficacy of the bidding process.

In this high-stakes digital battleground, the client's Google Ads account faltered, failing to yield the expected results. The underperformance of their online campaigns posed a critical challenge, demanding immediate intervention and a strategic overhaul. The disparity between the resources invested and the outcomes achieved underscored the urgency for a transformative approach that would realign their digital trajectory and reignite their competitive edge.


We have created the campaign on 12th September and the Ads went live on 13th September. With in 2 weeks, the performance of the Ads increased 2400% when compared to the previous month’s performance. We have highlighted the results with screenshots.

Date range from 13th September – 30th September 2022

Pmax Shopping Campaign
Budget 40$
Added to Cart 106
Check out Initiated 31
Purchases 21
Purchase value 9,995.97 $
Avg. Cost per Conversion 0.34$
Cost per 1 conversion 2.34$
Cost 294$
Return on Ads Spent 3400% (i.e., for 1$ spent they had revenue of 34$)
Responsive Search Campaign
Budget 10$
Added to Cart 48
Check out Initiated 17
Purchases 7
Purchase value 2,262.35$
Avg. Cost per Conversion 1.03$
Cost per 1 conversion 2.83$
Cost 203$
Return on Ads Spent 1100%
1st August – 31st August 2022 (30 days) (Other Agency) 13th September – 30th September 2022 (16 Days) (AD360)
Purchases value: 15,316$ Purchase value: 12,258
Cost: 2382$ Cost: 497$
ROAS: 640% ROAS: 2400%

To get a better understanding of the performance, please see a comparison from the previous campaign by other agency.

Comparison from 1st August to 31st August 2022 (Search Campaign Comparison)

Simultaneously, AD360 devised a tailored Google search campaign strategy. This initiative entailed the methodical categorization of the client's diverse product lines into discrete ad groups. This strategic segmentation aimed to mitigate internal competition, ensuring that each product category could shine independently without contending against its counterparts within the same campaign.

The implementation of both phrase match and exact match keywords across varied ad groups was a masterstroke in optimization. This sophisticated approach to keyword selection and distribution worked in tandem with the campaign structure, fine-tuning performance while meticulously managing advertising costs. This synergy ensured that every click and engagement resonated with precision, optimizing not only the campaign's efficacy but also the expenditure.

A Great Outcome

 The results from the changes made were truly impressive. Just two weeks after starting the new campaigns, there was a huge improvement compared to before.

For the Pmax Shopping Campaign, which had a budget of $40 per day:

  • 106 products were added to carts.
  • There were 31 instances where people started the checkout process.
  • 21 purchases were made, totaling $9,995.97.
  • On average, it cost $0.34 for each purchase.
  • The Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) was an outstanding 3400

In the Responsive Search Campaign, with a daily budget of $10:

  • 48 products were added to carts.
  • 17 checkouts were initiated.
  • 7 purchases were completed, amounting to $2,262.35.
  • The average cost for each purchase was $1.03.
  • The ROAS for this campaign stood at an impressive 1100%.

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