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Mold Remediation – Success Story

Mold Remediation - Success Story

Enhancing Digital Advertising Efficiency for a Leading Decontamination Service Provider

Enhancing Digital Advertising Efficiency for a Leading Decontamination Service Provider

Balancing cost and performance in digital advertising campaigns is critical in the highly competitive field of decontamination services. This case study details the remarkable transformation of a leading Singaporean decontamination expert’s Google Ads campaigns managed by AD360. Initially challenged with high costs and low conversion rates, the intervention by AD360 led to a dramatic turnaround, optimizing ad spending while boosting lead generation effectiveness. Through strategic adjustments and data-driven insights, AD360 tackled the immediate issues and set a new standard in campaign performance, illustrating the profound impact of well-crafted digital marketing strategies in specialized industries.

About The Company

The client, a frontrunner in Singapore's mold remediation industry, offers various decontamination services, specializing in combating and eliminating mold with professional precision. Known for their commitment to quality and effective service delivery, they are recognized as a trusted partner in ensuring healthy living and working environments.

Despite their strong market presence and expertise, their digital advertising efforts reflected a different level of success. High operational costs and suboptimal digital strategies were hindering their potential to reach a broader audience effectively. The need for an expert intervention became evident to harness their full digital capabilities and to align their online presence with their esteemed industry reputation.

Top Challenges Faced

The company's internal performance marketing team was struggling with several issues:

  • High Cost Per Lead (CPL): Monthly Google Ads spending was SGD 14,000 with a CPL of SGD 671, far exceeding industry norms.
  • Lack of Clear Goals/Objectives: The primary campaign goal was misaligned, focusing on phone calls over the more desired inquiry form submissions.
  • Keyword Cluttering: Campaigns suffered from unorganized themes and inappropriate match types, contributing to inefficiency.
  • Ineffective Ad Copies: The ad text did not effectively communicate the unique value propositions or address potential customer's pain points.
  • Poor Conversion Tracking: The team was not tracking key conversion metrics accurately, focusing instead on less relevant data like phone click counts.

Our Customized Solution

AD360 implemented a multi-faceted approach to overhaul the client's Google Ads campaigns:

  • Comprehensive Client Onboarding: Initiated a detailed questionnaire to align marketing efforts with the client’s specific goals and KPIs.
  • In-depth Campaign Audit: Identified critical errors in existing campaigns that misaligned with the business objectives.
  • Strategic Keyword Reorganization: Conducted thorough keyword research leading to the implementation of Single Theme Keyword Ad Groups (STAGs) and Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) to sharpen focus.
  • Data-Driven Ad Copy Refinement: Introduced dynamic keyword insertion in ads to enhance relevance and engagement.
  • Accurate Conversion Tracking Setup: Shifted focus to more significant conversion metrics, excluding less impactful actions like map and phone clicks.


The effectiveness of the revamped Google Ads strategy was evident in the significantly improved performance metrics.

Conversion Rate

Before AD360's involvement, the conversion rate was a meager 1.03%, indicating that only a small fraction of interactions led to meaningful customer actions. After the strategic overhaul, this rate increased sevenfold to an impressive 7.20%, reflecting a much more effective engagement with potential clients.

Cost Per Conversion

Initially, the client grappled with a prohibitive cost per conversion at SGD 671.50, making each lead acquisition costly and inefficient. Post-AD360's optimization strategies, this cost was dramatically reduced to SGD 88.56. This represents an almost 87% decrease in costs, substantially lowering the financial barrier to acquiring new leads and significantly improving the return on investment for their ad spend.

Overall Campaign Efficiency

The strategic realignment and focus on data-driven decision-making resulted in direct financial gains and enhanced the overall efficiency of the ad campaigns. AD360 helped the client achieve better market penetration and acquisition rates by prioritizing relevant leads and effectively targeting potential customers.


AD360's strategic intervention transformed the Google Ads campaigns for the leading decontamination service provider, achieving an impressive decrease in CPL and a significant rise in conversion rates. This case study underscores the importance of precise goal alignment, meticulous keyword management, and focused conversion tracking in optimizing digital ad campaigns for specialized services. As a result, the client not only reduced their advertising spend but also enhanced their overall campaign effectiveness, setting a new benchmark in their industry.

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