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Re-invent your brand image by employing directed, strategically driven and well-crafted PPC campaigns. Being a creatively led organisation, we guide your brand in the right direction with our PPC campaigns that not only puts your brand on the global market but also is a great way to hack growth and make you a bigger and better-known name.

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    Google Ads Campaigns

    Achieving visibility and attention on search engine is not an easy task. For brands to win the top position on paid search results, they need to come up with a winning ad strategies. This branches out to include PPC (pay per click) services as well which help save time and increase online sales.

    Now, before we step further, let’s dwell on these two terms a little.

    Paid ads is where you pay the search engine (Google) to feature your website in the top search results and PPC(Pay-Per-Click) is a strategy which involves amount you are spending on each click. These techniques are to be well-woven with each other to help create a bigger online presence and increase online sales or generate more leads.

    What is a Professional Paid Google Ads Agency?

    To maximize the results of an Google ads strategy and to implement it properly in the right way, it’s imperative that the process is handled by a professional Ad agency.

    Here is where we come into picture.

    At AD360, we specialise in hitting the right spot between the brand and their online presence. With knowledge and experience in the field, we give you targeted and proven solutions to dramatically drive up your sales, grow your customer base, increase traffic on your webpage and help educate people about your brand. We understand that each business is unique and so are the requirements which is why we work in collaboration with you to give you tailor-made strategies that suit your brand specifically to give you an edge over your competitors in the online market. Our dedicated teams, break boundaries each day to help you convert your potential customers into loyal buyers and offer you a flexible approach within the time frame that you desire.

    What Are the Services We Offer?

    Search Ads

    Creating successful search campaigns that help you reach your potential buyer in a matter of few clicks.

    E-commerce Management

    Tailor made strategies to manage your e-commerce account and help you optimise sales and advertising process.


    Creating viable remarketingplans to help you convert customers who have expressed interest in your products.

    Display Advertising

    Helping you funnel more visitors to your website by creating a relevant and attractive display ad, targeting relevant consumer base.

    Shopping Ads

    Providing result oriented shopping ads solutions to increase online purchases for your E-commerce website.

    What Are Our Specialised Services?

    Google Ads Management

    Fine tune your existing Google Ad campaigns or create new ones for a focussed approach towards targeting customers.

    PPC Audit Service

    Fine tune your existing Google Ad campaigns or create new ones for a focussed approach towards targeting customers.


    Always stay connected with your progress with our reporting tools.

    Competitor research

    We design your paid ad campaigns after an extensive market research involving your competitors and the kind of keywords they use.

    Keyword research

    Drive maximum traffic and increase your online reach with the help of our expert team that helps you pick the correct keywords for your website.

    Social Media Ad Services

    Build on your social media presence with us and create a loyal follower base.

    Remarketing and Retargeting Services

    Retarget your past costumers with our services to motivate them to revisit your website and make a purchase.

    What Are The Industries We Serve?

    At AD360, we cater to industries of all shapes, sizes and genres. We work with our clients, collaborate with them and brainstorm with them, on ideas and methods that helps them get the most out of our services. To name a few industries we’re associated with, here’s a list:

    Healthcare, Health, and Fitness
    Manufacturing and Business of numerous types
    Travel and several others
    Education and career.
    Online shopping/ e-commerce

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    What makes Us Unique

    At AD360, we garner SEM and PPC strategies and solutions that are not just relevant to your brand but will guarantee you remarkable online success. We help you re-imagine your brand’s online presence and create plans that are future proof by working with you, not just for you. To list out a few factors that make us best in class:

    Experienced and Dedicated team

    With years of experience in their pockets, our team will work round the clock to build the perfect PPC campaign for your brand. You will be given an SEM and PPC expert, a project manager and an analyst who will monitor the results continuously.

    Performance Tracking

    We will always keep you in the loop of things and send you regular updates regarding the performance of your website. These updates can come daily, weekly or monthly depending on your preference.

    Innovative Solutions

    For us at AD360, each project is different, each brand is different and therefore the solutions we offer are also unique and different. These different projects give us an opportunity to come up with innovative solutions which help us grow along with our clients.

    Transparent Pricing

    We respect your time and money that you invest with us and therefore our pricing policies are completely transparent and client friendly.

    Customized Ad plans

    We create plans that are specific to your brand. Our dedicated teams put their heads together to customize each campaign, so you get the most optimised results.

    Excellent Customer Support

    Our customer executives are always there to assist you, whenever, wherever, to maintain perfect communication and clientsatisfaction.

    Why Hire Our Paid Advertising Services?

    At AD360 we value our clients and we believe in developing long term business relationships. We understand your business goals and work tirelessly to give you focussed solutions. Reach out to us at to expertly manage your online platform. You deserve the best and we specialise in providing the best.

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