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Downpayment Assistance – Success Story

Downpayment assistance - Success Story

Revolutionizing Home Buyer Financing In Maryland: A Google Ads Success Story

In the competitive world of real estate financing, standing out is crucial. With the ambition to capture more leads and significantly impact their market, a prominent organization specializing in financing first-time home buyers in Maryland partnered with AD360 to embark on their first Google Ads campaign. This case study explores how strategic digital advertising transformed their business approach and outcomes.

About The Client

Dedicated to breaking down the barriers to affordable housing, our client offers crucial financing solutions for first-time home buyers in Maryland. Their mission is straightforward—eliminate obstacles to affordable housing through increased awareness of downpayment assistance products, empower community development with economical housing solutions, and promote financial literacy through sustainable living practices.

As they look forward to working together with their clients, they aim to make the dream of homeownership a tangible reality for many. Before collaborating with AD360, their venture into the digital advertising realm, particularly Google Ads, was yet to begin, limiting their visibility and potential impact in the online space.

What Challenges They Faced

The primary challenge was the client’s lack of presence in digital advertising spaces where potential home buyers frequently engage. They needed to establish a robust online presence to reach more prospects, educate them on their offerings, and ultimately drive conversions. The lack of data on performance metrics and audience targeting further complicated their initial efforts.

Solutions Offered By AD360

AD360 tailored a comprehensive Google Ads strategy encompassing:

  • Onboarding and Alignment:

    Through detailed questionnaires, AD360 aligned the client's objectives with potential Google Ads strategies.

  • Competitor and Market Analysis

    Research into top competitors and market trends informed the campaign’s direction.

  • Keyword Optimization

    Utilizing SEMrush, the team conducted thorough keyword analysis, selected optimal match types, and identified keyword gaps to maximize reach while minimizing costs.

  • Ad Copy and Asset Creation

    Emotional, benefit-focused ad copies were developed, ensuring consistency with the landing pages. Enhanced with assets like sitelinks, callouts, and snippets to improve engagement.

  • Tracking and Implementation

    AD360 set up detailed conversion tracking mechanisms before the campaign launch to measure and optimize the campaign’s performance accurately.

Final Results That Prove The Effectiveness of The Campaign

The Google Ads campaign orchestrated by AD360 produced remarkable outcomes that significantly advanced the client's objectives:

  • Conversions

    A total of 145 conversions were generated, indicating a high level of engagement and interest in the client’s services.

  • Cost Per Conversion

    Remarkably efficient at just $15.7, illustrating the campaign’s cost-effectiveness in reaching potential clients.

  • Conversion Rate

    An excellent rate of 13.65%, highlighting the effectiveness of the ad creatives and keyword strategy.

These results translated into a substantial increase in qualified leads, directly supporting the client’s mission to empower more individuals and families to achieve homeownership. The high conversion rate and low cost per conversion not only demonstrate the campaign’s efficiency but also signify the potential for scalability.

The client can now reinvest the insights and success from this campaign to further optimize their future marketing efforts and expand their reach within and beyond Maryland.


AD360's strategic approach to Google Ads provided the client with a powerful pathway to reach potential home buyers more effectively than ever before. By meticulously aligning marketing strategies with the client’s unique needs and continuously optimizing the campaign, AD360 helped them not only meet but exceed their initial goals.

This case study demonstrates the transformative potential of well-executed digital advertising strategies in the real estate financing industry.

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