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Window Screen- Success Story

Window Screen- Success Story

Driving Remarkable Cost Efficiency - Transforming Google Ads for a Leading US Screen Manufacturer.



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Driving Remarkable Cost Efficiency - Transforming Google Ads for a Leading US Screen Manufacturer

AD360 embarked on a strategic collaboration with a prominent US-based Screen manufacturer and services company, aiming to revolutionize their Google Ads strategy for unparalleled efficacy and ROI. The initial challenge was evident: the client grappled with exorbitant costs per lead that outweighed the revenue generated from their commendable services. Our mission was straightforward - to optimize their advertising campaigns and propel their online presence towards unprecedented success.

Armed with insight and innovation, AD360 deployed a comprehensive solution suite. Our approach aimed beyond quick fixes, focusing on architecting a sustainable framework for our client's online presence. Are you curious about how we changed the outcome of Google Ads for our clients? Go through this case study to learn more!

About The Client

Our esteemed client stands as a renowned US-based Screen manufacturer and services company, boasting a rich legacy in delivering premium-grade solutions to discerning customers across the nation. Specializing in an array of high-quality offerings, the company prides itself on its expertise in Motorized Screens, Retractable Screens, and Window Screens.

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, the client has carved a niche for itself in the market by consistently delivering top-tier products and unparalleled services. Their dedication to crafting cutting-edge solutions for both residential and commercial spaces has garnered them a reputation for reliability, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.

Beyond their product excellence, the client is deeply invested in customer-centric values, prioritizing not just the functionality and aesthetics of their offerings but also the seamless experience and satisfaction of their clientele.

Most Prominent Challenges Faced

Upon diving into the client's existing Google Ads account, we unearthed several critical hurdles obstructing their success:

  • Conversion Tracking Disarray:

    The inadequate implementation of conversion tracking mechanisms within the Google Ads ecosystem posed a foundational challenge. Insufficiently tracked user interactions led to a dearth of actionable data, undermining the campaign's ability to glean valuable insights for optimization. This lack of coherent and reliable conversion data left the Google Ads algorithm at a loss, impeding its capacity to discern and leverage critical user behaviors. Consequently, this shortfall hindered the campaign's potential for strategic refinement and efficient targeting.

  • Unstructured Keyword Themes

    A noticeable absence of meticulously structured and categorized keyword themes within the ad groups presented a considerable obstacle. The absence of a cohesive keyword strategy resulted in disjointed messaging across ad groups, hampering the delivery of highly pertinent and targeted advertisements. The consequent reduction in ad relevance curtailed the campaign's effectiveness, impairing its resonance with and acquisition of potential customers.

  • Underperforming Ad Copies

    The deficiencies within the advertisements, characterized by the absence of high-impact keywords, proved to be a substantive challenge. The lack of strong keywords within the ad copies impeded their ability to effectively communicate the value proposition, thereby limiting their capacity to captivate and convert potential customers. As a result, the underperforming ad copies struggled to translate clicks into meaningful conversions, impinging upon the campaign's overall efficacy and success metrics.

Our Innovative & Customized Solution

AD360 engineered a comprehensive strategy tailored to address these pivotal challenges head-on:

Upon diving into the client's existing Google Ads account, we unearthed several critical hurdles obstructing their success:

  • Conversion Tracking Overhaul:

    We meticulously rectified tracking issues, aligning them with the client's campaign objectives. This provided Google Ads with the necessary data to optimize campaigns effectively.

  • Strategic Keyword Architecture:

    We meticulously categorized and structured keywords into distinct themes and intents. This structured approach allowed for the creation of highly relevant ad copies meticulously targeting specific keywords.

  • Precision with Negative Keywords:

    We curated an extensive list of negative keywords, minimizing irrelevant clicks and refining campaign targeting to engage only the most relevant audience.

  • Holistic Account Optimization:

    Beyond the focal points, we implemented numerous tweaks, including ad extensions, bid adjustments, and ad scheduling optimizations, among others, to enhance overall campaign performance.

A Great Outcome

The results following AD360's intervention were nothing short of astounding. Here’s an overview of the before and after:

Before AD360
Before AD360
Impressions: 1.58K
Avg CPC $7.66
Cost $1.46K
Conversions 3
Cost per conversion $488
After AD360
Before AD360
Impressions: 1.51K
Avg CPC $9.11
Cost $1.63K
Conversions 36
Cost per conversion $45.31

The impact of AD360's strategic interventions was profound. Within a mere two weeks of campaign optimization, we achieved a remarkable reduction in the cost per lead by almost 11 times. Impressions remained consistent, but the surge in conversions underscored the effectiveness of our revamped strategy in attracting high-quality leads at a significantly reduced cost.

This success story exemplifies AD360's commitment to tailor-made, result-driven digital marketing solutions. Our approach doesn't just address surface issues; it delves deep into the intricacies of each campaign, leveraging data-driven strategies to maximize ROI and propel our clients toward sustainable success in the digital landscape.

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