Posted in February 6, 2023

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Do you wish to increase the engagement with your audience on social media? Do you want your viewers to turn into paying customers? Well, the aim of most of the small scale companies looking to amplify their business on social media wish for the exact same thing but the question is how do we make it happen? And how soon can we expect the results? The answer lies in learning the hacks to perfect your social media outreach techniques and over the next few minutes you will find out how.

HACK 1: Ask yourself what is your social media goal

Why do you want to establish a social media presence for your brand? What is the ultimate goal? Do you wish to increase the target audience? Or generate leads and convert them into paying customers? Having a clear goal is the beginning of your social media strategy and the first step too perfect it.

HACK 2: Stay up-to-date with your company profile

When you set up a social media profile for your business, one of the key things to keep in mind is to provide as much information as possible about your business. This can include the address of the company, the field it specialises in, etc. In fact, you must also include keywords to your profile so that it gets optimised on the search engine. All of these steps help in boosting the confidence of the customers when they are directly purchasing from your through your social media account.

HACK 3: Learn how to use hashtags

A social media post is incomplete without hashtags especially when it comes to the promotion of a product or a service. While the idea is to not overdo the use of hashtags on various posts, you need to start adding them so that the chances of visibility of your page improve. When using hashtags, always remember to differentiate among them based on the social media you’re using. For instance, the hashtags that work on twitter might not essentially work on Instagram or Facebook.

HACK 4: Creating unique content

The customers on social media are not that intrigued with plain and simple promotional content. They usually skip that and move on. Thus, to garner maximum attention to your business, it is important that your content is unique. Now how can you do that? Well its simple! Play with content that’s emotionally appealing, serves a purpose and has a personal value to it. Keeping your content in accordance with any news that’s viral is another great strategy.

HACK 5: Communicate through images

As mentioned above, the content needs to be unique for a social media strategy to work. At the same time, the trend has been to communicate with images. No one has the time to read a caption worth 200-250 words. However, if the image used to communicate the company’s services and products is intriguing, the customers are more likely to stay. However, even in this you need to determine what are the right images for a company like yours because not every image is likely to work.

HACK 6: Adding calls-to-action to all your content

If you are looking to convert your leads into paying customers, then including calls-to-action is the way to go. They help your audience to increase their interaction with you. For instance, if you want your customers to subscribe to your newsletters or receive promotions and discounts then be specific and include that as the CTA.

HACK 7: Use catchy thumbnails and headlines

The simplest way to standout in a crowd where millions are posting content every minute is through a catchy headline. Keep them short and simple. Don’t use jargons in a sentence. For instance, headlines that start with numbers, ’10 ways to…’ or ‘3 effective methods…’ are more likely to get a user to stay on your page.

HACK 8: Being available on social media

If you wish to seek results for your social media engagement then it starts with you being available. If a customer has slid a query into your DM then you can’t take 2 days to respond. It might just turn the customer away. The response needs to be instantaneous. It is only then that you will be able to maximise from social media.

HACK 9: Analysing the right time to post content

If you see that despite doing all of the above your posts are not generating as much interaction with people then your posting schedule might be an important reason behind that. You need to analyse the demographic of your audience and see when they are most active on social media and then post accordingly.

HACK 10: Keeping a tab on the progress

This should be a routine exercise where you keep a tab on the progress of your social media page. You must always check for engagement that your posts receive as well as how many times the post was shared and re-shared by users. It is with the help of this information that you will be able to make informed decisions that will benefit your planning and execution.

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