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Small Pet Sheet Manufacturer in India

Appliance Company - Success Story

(Oct 1, 2022 - Apr 30, 2023)

AD360's Transformational PPC Campaign Management Services for a Prominent ATV Spare Parts Manufacturer.


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At Covenant Solutions, we have been delivering smart digital marketing solutions to our valuable clients and meeting their core requirements.

Our core services:
  • Website Designing

  • Website Development

  • Digital Marketing

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In this case study, we are going to show how we have helped small pet sheet manufacturing company with our SEO services to improve the overall online visibility and generate more leads.

This company is manufacturing variety of pet sheet products and they are selling it in India. They were planning to export their products in the USA and Dubai. Hence they were looking for more clients for their business.

The company's SEO goal was to be on the first page of Google if someone searches for “pet sheet manufacturer in India”, so that they will get more business/leads. They know once they rank on the first page on Google they will get more visitors on their site, that means more impressions, more orders — more revenue.

Background (Problems Client Was Facing)

The company’s website had ZERO online footprints. They were not even ranking in Google search, Google local pack in their manufacturing unit area.

When they search with the relevant keyword in Google, their competitors Google listing was showing up Google knowledge panel. Hence, all their potential customers were contacting that competitor for products.


While doing research we notice few problems they had:

  • Almost ZERO online footprints

  • No traffic on the website

  • Not ranking on Google local pack in even their physical location

  • Less orders

The client was also aware of few of these problems and hence they were looking for solutions to overcome these problems.

Proposed Solution/Changes

The company was looking for a solution which can help them to:


  • Improve overall online visibility


  • Improve websites organic traffic(which was almost ZERO)


  • Rank in Google local pack


  • Rank on first page of Google organic result


  • Stop competitors listing to show up in Google knowledge panel for generic keywords

By understanding their business goals and requirements, we suggested implementing SEO techniques.

Our SEO Solution

See how we helped this client to improve the website performance, what activities we did in our SEO process.

Keyword Research

We did research and suggested them best 20 keywords that potential customers are typing while searching for their products and asked them to choose 15 keywords they would like us to target on the website.


For this 15 keywords they were not even ranking in top 100th position (i.e on till 10th page of Google).

Usability Issues & Web Development Suggestions

The website was not looking good in terms of usability. To get a better result from the SEO campaign, we have suggested them to implement few website design and development related changes.






Google My Business Page Setup

The company was not having a “Google My Business” page setup for their business. We have set-up and optimized the “Google My Business” page for the company. This helped in improving the overall online visibility and rank in Google local pack.

Page Level On-Page SEO

With the selected keywords, we have optimized the website pages.

Existing Content Optimization & New Content Suggestion

As content is the KING in SEO, our major focus is on having a quality content on the website. We have optimized the existing content on the website.

When we did competitor analysis, we came to know that this website is not having enough content for specific product related searches. Hence, we did research and created and SEO optimized content outlines and asked our writers to write content along those outline and suggested keywords.


Off Page SEO & Link Building

Backlinks are QUEEN in SEO world. As the website was having negligible online footprints, they had a very less backlinks. To improve the overall online visibility, help business rank well in Google local pack and to generate high quality backlinks for the website, we implemented few off-page SEO techniques.

We improved the local presence and created backlinks from activities like:

  • Local citation building

  • Analyzing competitors backlinks and acquiring the same

  • Participating in forums

  • Submissions on Question & Answer platforms like Quora

  • Content syndication, etc

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